"the right way to take chlorella is not to take any, ever"

Dr. Andrew Cutler, PhD, PE



please tell me if you got sick using Yaeyama Chlorella! Share your story if you want to help others!



This website is devoted to gathering information from persons who have had a bad experience with chlorella (hence "badchlorella.com") and want to share their experience to help better inform others who are considering taking chlorella and trying to research the "pros" and "cons" so as to make a decision that is best for them.

This website and request for information is intended to be directed to consumers, doctors and other health professionals, persons working for suppliers of chlorella products who question the merits of the product their company is selling, Government workers in the health care field - in short, everyone who may have used chlorella or otherwise has an informative story to tell about the product.


My story is personal, and it is about the terrible experience I had when I took chlorella when I was pregnant in an effort to enhance the health of my unborn baby; but every story (good and bad) is helpful and needed so as to "get the word out" about chlorella and better inform potential users about the possible risks associated with taking chlorella.

This website will be most useful if a lot of people are willing to share their stories about using chlorella,

so please help us, share your story!



I want to tell you that I GOT SO SO VERY SICK using Yaeyama Chlorella by Source Naturals tablets that I would strongly advise you to reconsider taking it, because the notice labels on the package do not talk about the serious side effects that I expericenced with this product. This product can make you very sick!!!!

HERE IS MY STORY (Assia in LA) ......

Living in California, with the highest-density Autistic Children across US (http://www.statemaster.com/graph/hea_aut_num_of_chi_wit_aut-health-autism-number-children), I was very concerned about having an autistic child when I became pregnant at the end of 2007. Being employed in a service industry I came across a bothersome number of my customers who had autistic children.

I did a lot of internet research, listened to health radio talk shows and had my ears out for anything on the subject.

After walking into my local Whole Foods Market and talking to their health specialist in the Whole Body/supplement/health department (who also had an autistic grandchild and was very well briefed on the autism/detox topic), I was convinced by her to try the Yaeyama Chlorella tablets by Source Naturals during my pregnancy. Tablets seemed easy to take and I was recommended a quantity of 10 daily (also suggested dosage on the package), which I immediately started. Within a couple of days, I started feeling really nauseaus and was throwing up a lot, but, because I was pregnant, I wrote it off to "morning sickness". I kept taking the pills until one day I was throwing up so violently that I started bleeding. The ultrasound showed that my placenta was torn, and I kept bleeding and was put on bed rest by my OB until the bleeding stops. Oh my God, I can't tell you how sick I was.... At some point, I was bleeding so much that I had to go to my doctor every couple of days just to check if there still was a heart beat, becasue I didn't think it was possible for the baby inside me to survive what was happening to me!!!

The worst thing, is that I felt like I was doing a good thing for my baby by taking this stuff... And becasue I was pregnant, I thought I had a difficult pregnancy, that's all. When I was almost unconscious from vomiting, I stopped taking Yaeyama Chlorella and I seemed to get better; but as soon as I felt better, I resumedtaking the chlorella tablets without thinking that the chlorella was the source of my problem.

It was a real wake up call when, after feeling better for a while, I took a dose of it again and started throwing and could not stop throwing up... after I threw up all the food and all the stomach fluid, I was throwing up massive amounts of blood and my hisband took me to the emergency room.... There I was told that the I was throwing up the lining of my stomach and the gastroenterologist suggested that it was because of the chlorella tablets. My husband and I compared all the times that I took the pills and how sick I got immediately after taking them each time and for the first time realized that it had nothing to do with the morning sickness, it was just pure chlorella poisoning...

If I could only turn time back, never walk into that Whole Foods, never take those pills, never have the poor baby in my stomach go through what he had to go through.....

My baby was born early and very underweight because he could never get enough nutrition from my placenta that was torn by the violent vomiting from chlorella poisoning... He was also born with a defect on his right hand ( a hypoplastic thumb, a defect that is usually associated with high exposure to toxins, which I believe chlorella is). My little boy had to go through a couple of surgeries to correct his hand defect and Thank God, he is beautiful and smart and the surgeries were largely successful...

Please, write to me if you got sick from Yaeyama Chlorella, or any chlorella product, I want to publish it on my website, because people need to know that it is potentially dangerous.

I've contacted Source Naturals and told them how sick I got, but they claim (and so does Mrs. Gooch's Whole FOods Markets) that they are not aware of any recurring problems associated with the use of their chlorella products - but I don't believe them and I am pursuing my claims against them.

I created this website in hopes that people (men and women) will report any difficulties they have experienced when using chlorella and, hopefully, such shared experiences will be helpful to the general public everywhere in determining whether or not to consume chlorella. Of course, my bad experience may not be indicative of everyone else; but, like my health advisor told me: the right way to take chlorella is to never take any, ever. Nobody should ever take it. (Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE, author of "Amalgam Illness Diagnosis and Treatment - www.noamalgam.com)





please tell me if you got sick using Yaeyama Chlorella!



Tell us your story of taking chlorella,and if you want to stay anonymous, just let me know. I will only publish your story if you want it published!


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